Friday, March 6, 2009

Watch the Hand of the Democrats in Your Pocket or

The Achilles Heel of the Democrats on Global Warming

While the Democrats inherited the greatest financial mess in US history, they nevertheless have some of their own nasty economic proclivities, especially in the name of stopping climate change. 
While the Republicans have blocked nearly all forward motion on global warming at the behest of their benefactors, big oil, big (shrinking) auto, and big utilities, many powerful Dems hail from coal states and have privately enjoyed the efforts to stop global warming led by Republicans. Now with Dems in power we are seeing the renewal of big loot for the coal industry, first up, $1 billion for "fossil energy research and development" in the stimulus package. Today's Times.  

These are bad instincts from Democrats.  Grabbing a mere billion bucks from the stimulus package is chump change these days, but watch the climate fight, the Dems, their lobbyists, PR firms, CEOs like James Rogers of Duke Energy are going to want hundreds of billions of dollars for bad projects.  We are going to need help from good Republicans on this one.

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